We get a lot of questions so we hope this will help your decision in purchasing the Men's Grooming Electric Berry Barber Shavers.
One of if not the best on the market to day.
Q. How close of a shave can you have with the Berry Barber?
A. You can get an extremely close shave with the Berry Barber. And best of all you will not get ingrown hairs.
 Q. Is it just one shaving length?
A. Berry Barber comes with multiple shaving lengths so you it's up to you of how close of a shave you would like.
Q. Are the blades life time or do they need replacing?
A. Because this can be used in the shower and of course depending on how frequently you use it we recommend replacing the blades every 6 months.
Q. Can you use Berry Barber in the shower?
A. Berry Barber is waterproof. So you can use in the shower as frequently as you would like.
Q. Can you use Berry Barber on other places besides the balls?
A. We have customer you have purchased this solely for their beards. It can be use all over the body.
Q. Can I charge my Berry Barber in foreign countries?
A. We have made the charger USB compatible so you can simply use your phone power adapter or even your laptop. Very convenient.
Q. How long do the batteries last with this?
A. This has a lithium iron rechargeable battery (Same as a Mobile phone battery). Simply recharge this when you are not using it. Lasts for 1 hour of solid use and recharges in 5 hours.
Q. So if I were to cut myself with the Berry Barber will i get a refund?
A. If this is used the way it is designed for then you will 100% not cut your self anywhere. If you do then we offer a full refund once product is returned.